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The following are clips from the Volume 2 DVD. Check back soon for information on how you can have your work featured on Urban S.L.A.M.

(2006; Short; directed by Darius Monroe) A minister, seeking reconciliation with his dying son, is forced to confront his own flawed morality. Starring Art Evans.

(2005; Short; directed by Russ Costanzo) In the days leading up to his gang initiation, a troubled teen attempts to make peace with a negligent mother, console his young sister and accept what he’s about to do – shoot a stranger in broad daylight (Winner – 2006 Los Angeles International Short Film Festival).

(2005; Short; directed by Francisco Ordonez) A Latino atheist loses his faith in reason.

(2003; Short; directed by Hanelle M. Culpepper) Set in the South during the 1940’s, an emboldened choir girl with a taste for the finer things, sings at the local juke joint when her husband is away. Its not long before she’s tempted by the flesh.





A Single Rose (2003)

Set in the South during the 1940’s, an emboldened choir girl with a taste for the finer things, sings at the local juke joint when her husband is away. Its not long before she’s tempted by the flesh

Directed by Hanelle M. Culpepper
Written by Hanelle M. Culpepper & Terry F. Culpepper

Sonya Maddox ... Rose
Lawrence B. Adisa ... Younger Owens
Ameona Leigh Almund ... Lola Mae's Patron
Rico E. Anderson ... God's Gift
A. Russell Andrews ... Owens (as Russell Andrews)
Deprese Bady ... Lola Mae's Patron
Micaela Beckwith ... Younger Ella
Derrick Bruce ... Lola Mae's Patron
Tina Clark ... Lola Mae's Patron
Fanshen Cox ... Delilah
Etta Cummings ... Lola Mae's Patron
Dashun Davis ... Field Worker
Keno K. Deary ... Lee
Sonya Eddy ... Singer
Kim Evey ... Lola Mae's Patron
Barbara Flagg-Mabrie ... Lola Mae's Patron
Curtis 'Smooth' Gray-Woods ... Musician
Wayne Hoggatt ... Lola Mae's Patron
Marci T. House ... Ella
Kisha Natoyua Jackson ... Lola Mae's Patron
Kanika Jones ... Lola Mae's Patron
Lawrence Lacey ... Lola Mae's Patron
LaTitia-DeLaine ... Lola Mae's Patron
Jennifer Lauren ... Sadie
Algerita Wynn Lewis ... Lola Mae's Patron
Bianca Lopez ... Younger Rose
Tammi Mac ... Lola's Bar Patron
Edger McMoore ... Uniform
Jackie Millines ... Bartender
William Mitchell ... Lola Mae's Patron
Marco Ovid-DeSouza ... Lola Mae's Patron
Alexander Brooks Parker ... Musician
Alpha Richard ... Lola Mae's Patron
Richard Ridley ... Lola Mae's Patron

Richard Courtney .... producer
Robin Green .... producer
Jeffrey P. Meier .... executive producer (as Jeffrey Meier)
Linda Zufall .... producer
Original Music by John Bigham
Cinematography by Anette Haellmigk
Film Editing by Eric O. Schusterman


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posted 11/13/07

Are you an emerging independent filmmaker having a hard time getting exposure and having your work seen on YouTube and MySpace?

Clarendon Entertainment will be hosting the 1st Annual Urban S.L.A.M. Short Film Contest that will give winning filmmakers a chance to have their work uncut and in high quality potentially seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors on Urbanslam.com, Blackmoviesonline.tv and their affiliate websites and be on an upcoming Urban S.L.A.M. DVD which is available at many retail stores including Best Buy.

Past films on Urban S.L.A.M. have been official selections at prominent film festivals throughout the U.S. and have aired on cable networks owned by HBO, Showtime and BET. One of the shorts, The Tested, won the top prize at the 2006 Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, qualifying it for an Academy Award nomination.

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